Mission & Philosophy
Hoosac was founded as an Episcopal church school in 1889 by Dr. Edward Dudley Tibbits, on land owned by his family.  There were 19 students enrolled at Hoosac that year, with VI Formers graduating in the Class of 1890.

Dr. Tibbits possessed two core beliefs – that his school should strive to educate the whole student, academically, athletically, socially, as well as spiritually, and – that his school should remain of such a size that every student would receive full care and attention.

Competition, in a great many areas, is an important and generally good thing. But equally important is to decide just who are the competitors.

Too often, students with vastly different ambitions and abilities are pitted against each other, with results that are both predictable and frustrating. Although we must set and maintain high standards of literacy and competency in many academic and extracurricular fields, the fact is that each of us is an individual--with individual abilities, hopes, dreams, and drives. And to ignore that individuality is to ignore one of the most important aspects of education itself.

All of which is to clarify and illustrate the unique advantage of a Hoosac education, to establish and encourage an intensive competition between the student that is, and the student that might be.

We at Hoosac believe that this education of the individual, this recognition of the importance of discovering and developing the unique best each student has to offer, represents the highest goal of education. We also believe it will have more success in a student's preparation--not only for college but for life--than any other approach.